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  • Launch of India real estate site Beta has launched a new web portal in the real state segment. The site offers online real estate services like legal, registration of properties, finance and renovation. India has seen the launch of thousands of web portals serving the real estate market, in a bid to assist the consumer, but none of them realized what is compulsory by the consumer. This Indian consumer features always depended on their parents, relatives or friends to help them check the home if they cannot look at the properties themselves, on this process the time for you to take a decision is very high due to availability of time and various other unavoidable circumstances. Often their parents that are old cannot visit most of the properties as they might be far away through where they keep. India real estate market has many additional obstacles when trying to buy a residence, some of the particular sellers might make an effort to cheat the buyers by selling them property with legal hassles how the buyer being a novice in such matters, might get cheated. For once ever in a brief history of internet mass media, we have introduced a portal which not only provides information yet credible information which will help the internet browsers to narrow down on the volume of homes they wish to visit. Letsbhk team is made of marketing professionals having years of experience in real-estate marketing and internet marketing specialists with experience in wide selection of fields for example social networking, amusement and business web sites. Extensive research continues to be done by the particular Letsbhk team for the browsing pattern of users from India and Indians residing the united states, to find what they are searching for and what will be provided by the current portals. Letsbhk wishes to boost the browsing experience and offer a secure environment for the real estate web browsers to trust specific information manually verified because of the Letsbhk Team. Letsbhk also provides a transparent medium for users to talk about knowledge about their geographic area and empower each other in the neighborhood. Apart from the knowledge sharing community Letsbhk delivers well researched trends from the India real estate industry. Presently is in Beta version and is free to use, so login and get a feel of this new real estate portal..

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