Cash back on Home Loan

Are you planning to take a home loan ?

- Allow us to introduce you to a very unique offering from us:

“CashBack on Homeloan” which enables the customer to get rewarded if he/she avails the home loan facility from LetsBHK. Yes this is ture, you will be paid back for availing this service of LetsBHK.COM..! Here are the details of the offer :-

How to avail the service:

- You just have to send a mail to with your name, contact detail OR click on "I am Interested" tab on leff hand side of the page and submit request. We will contact you within next 24 hours. 

How does this work:

If you are looking for a home loan we are more than happy to help you out. Along with our partners we can help arrange your home loan from more than 35 Institutions. We would help you in completing all the formalities in this process. As our service includes home/office pick up of documents, you will be able to avail a home loan without visiting the bank even once. You just have to send a mail to OR fill in the "I am Interested" form provided on left hand side of the page to get enrolled in the offer. You will receive a confirmation mail for your nomination and with the amount of “cash” you will be receiving. We will pay you the cash within 21 days of receiving confirmation of disbursal of loan from the bank.

Benefits of the scheme:

- Assured cashback on your home loan. 

- Best rates: As we can get you the home loan from the bank which is offering lowest rates to you. You don’t even have to talk to them, we will bargain for you!

- Service at your doorstep: All the discussion / documentation can be done at your doorstep, no need to waste your weekends in visiting financial institutions

- As we have gained an expertise in providing support in availing home loans, your loan would be processed very quickly. Our expertise would help in reducing the time taken for completing the process of availing the loan

Who is eligible:

- All the customers of LetsBHK are eligible to participate in the Offer

How much cashback would I be getting

- The amount of cashback would be communicated to the customers after the first meeting of our representative. We do not believe in limits, so just enroll and claim your cashback!

 When will I get the cashback 

 - Wthin 21 days of receiving confirmation of disbursal of loan from the bank

Mode of Payment: of CashBack

- Cheque or NEFT, whichever you prefer

What are the fees for this service

- The service is absolutely FREE!

**Note:- In case you have any other questions please do refer our FAQ section or drop us an email


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