Cash back on selling out your Flat/Home

- Are you planning to Sell your flat?

- Dont want to pay brokerage ?

- What if we told you you could earn 'further cash' on selling the property ?

Allow us to introduce you to our most unique program;  “CashBack on Sell” which enables the customer to get rewarded if he/she avails the services from LetsBHK in getting the Flat Sold.

Yes its True, you will be paid back for availing this service of LetsBHK. Following are the details of the offer:

How does this work

- If you are looking to Sell your Flat/property we are more than happy to help you in helping you out. We will list out your property on our website and would become your exclusive real estate consultant, who will help you to rent out the property. We are very confident that, with the wide reach of our website, tie-ups with a large number of real estate agents you would be able to sell your property very quickly and at the desired price.

- You just have to send a mail to with the property detail OR fill in the list your property form provided in the website and tick “avail cashback” tab

- You will receive a confirmation mail for your nomination and with amount of “cash” you will be receiving

- We will pay you the cash within 21 days of completion of the deal

Benefits of the scheme

- No brokerage

- Assured cashback on your renting the property

- Wide reach to home seekers to help you in renting out your property quickly and at the desired rates

- Service at your doorstep: All the discussion / documentation can be done at your doorstep (apart from registration), no need to waste your weekends in visiting brokers

Who is eligible

- All the customers of LetsBHK are eligible to participate in the Offer

How to avail the service

- You just have to send a mail to with your name, contact detail and property details and we will contact you within next 24 hours. OR fill in the list your property form provided in the website and tick “avail cashback” tab

How much cashback would I be getting

- The amount of cashback would be communicated to the customers after the first meeting of our representative. This can be as high as 0.5% of your sale price. We do not believe in limits, so just enrol and claim your cashback

When will I get the cashback

- Wthin 21 days of “completion of the deal”

Mode of Payment

- Cheque or NTFT, whichever you want

Is there any fees for this service

- The service is absolutely FREE

**Note:- In case you have any other questions refer to our FAQ section or send us a mail


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